There are no extra parts to worry about. The Gripper can adapt to 5 Cable sizes

1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, and 3/16. From 5 to 150lb’s. 1%-2% Accuracy

An instrument that will pay for it self quickly. The time savings compared to your current tool will amaze you. Electronically measured readings, assures accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements every time you use the “Gripper”. The Gripper heads small size (1 1/8” square by 4 1/8" long ) lets you access tight areas as it will go where other just will not go.

It comes to you calibrated and ready for use.

Price  $ 1395.00.

Compare that to units that are more than TWICE the price!

The feel of a tool with the accuracy of an instrument!

Finally a cable tension instrument that is easy to use. You only need one hand!

Unique Remote Head Fits in to tight areas Backlit for easy reading.





























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